MINIMAT-EC Cordless Screwdriver

EC-electric, cordless angle nut runner for the assembly

in tight assembly areas

flexible, high shut-off accuracy, data recording, operator friendly, powerful, wireless communication, energy efficient

Where compressed air hoses or electrical cables

interfere with the assembly

process, industry looks forward to a battery powered, cordless EC nutrunner solution!

The proven DEPRAG precision screwdriving technology is now available in form of the new cordless, battery powered EC angle nutrunner.

The high quality Li-Ion batteries have a very low self discharge and are not susceptible to the well known “battery memory effect“ during the charging process. The battery recharge cycle requires about 30 - 40 minutes.


This newly developed series fulfils the demands for precision and allows the processing of complex screwdriving cycles that are part of today's conventional torque/angle-controlled screwdriving strategies.

High Shut-Off Accuracy

No matter whether screwdrivers are used in assembly of car interiors or travel-trailers, binding air hoses and electric cables hinder the work process in restricted areas.

Due to the high shut-off accuracy, this tool series reaches a Cmk-value of ≥ 1,67 with a tolerance requirement of ±10% in relation to 6 Sigma and therefore meets the quality requirements demanded by the automotive industry.

Data recording

Outstanding features of handheld EC screwdrivers are their high torque precision and the large range of control functions – perfect conditions for process security and control on highest level.

The integrated torque measurement as well as angle measurement enables precise control of the screw tightening procedure as well as documentation of important processing parameters.

Operator friendly

The entire DEPRAG MINIMAT-EC screwdriver family is well-known by its truly ergonomic design and this new screwdriver series is no expection. The operator comfort is assured through the low weight of the tool and the integrated LED which illuminates the screw location.

The tool can be programmed with eight multi-level screwdriving sequences. The easy and quick selection and initiation of a program is done directly on the tool's display keypad. An additional selector-switch allows the fast activation of a reversing sequence, which is available for every screwdriving program.


The new cordless angle-head screwdriver series will be introduced to the market with four different models that have a torque range of 2 Nm to 50 Nm.

Wireless Communication

Besides high torque accuracy the new cordless angle nutrunner offers other features for control and communication with networks or connection to a process computer:

Using a Bluetooth, wireless data-transmission, the screwdriver can stay in contact with an optionally available base-station. There, a graphic user interface allows the fast and easy generating of screwdriving sequences. Additionally, it is possible to connect the base-station to a host PC that transmits screwdriver settings and can also receive and archive data from the screwdriver. It is possible to connect several tools to one base-station.

Energy efficient

The 36V Li-Ion-battery that operates these new DEPRAG screwdrivers, offer a high energy- and performance density. The regenerative feedback of the braking-energy for the electric motor, translates into extremely efficient and low-cost energy consumption.

This efficiency and the sensor-controlled multi-lever standby-mode permit a high number of screwdriving cycles per battery charge. The use of high-grade EC-electric motors that excel through power-density and output efficiency contribute to a low weight, powerful tool with a long service life.

  • Design: Angle-Head

Torque Range: 1 Nm - 50 Nm

  • Design: Pistol form

Torque Range: 0.8 - 13 Nm