Straight Grinders

Our air straight grinders DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are used with grinding disks when heavy-duty fabrication is required on steel and castings and for the deburring of welding seams, casting seams and ridge seams. Fine and coarse grinding of steel and cast-iron in foundries, polishing of welding seems or fabricating of casted parts were never easier. Our straight grinders can also be used with steel brushes for the removal of rust, the descaling of rolled steel and forgings.

When grinding with a grinding disk, or when using these tools with brushes, it is necessary to only operate this tool with safety guards.

Advantages of our Straight Grinders

  • High power output at a low weight

The top construction of our tools enabled improve ratio to weight ratio. This is mainly shape, weight distribution-center of gravity, used material of body from magnesium alloy.

  • High power

Straight grinders of DEPRAG are charactarized with keeping the speed of the tool constant, even if tool is operated at maximum. Motor construction uses modern materials and production technology to achieve power maximum of 2,4 kW. Our robust straight grinders are designed for the using in heavy–duty fabrication (foundries, quarries, buildings, engineering).

  • Highly durable

The robust construction of our straight grinders assures a high longevity of the tools - even when used in continued operations in foundries and machine buildings.

  • Perfect handling and easy manipulation

Successful ergonomic solution of radial grinders contributes to excelent working results. Ergonomic shape enable easier handling. Clear advantage is also low-level vibration.