Air Pliers

Air pliers are suitable for the industrial use for example in the automotive industry, in machine building industry, in the appliance industry as well as in maintenance and assembly departments.

Pliers are suited expecially for the use in mass production, where a person can suffer sustained, long-lasting and monotonous stress in performing tasks such as assembling clips or cutting wires with manual tools. Such working conditions may result in RSI (repetitive strain injury). By replacing manual tools with our pneumatic pliers the workers will be protected against negative effects of mass production workplace.

For Cutting

For Mounting of Clamps

Pneumatic pliers for the use of:

  • Cutting Cu, Al, Ag plastic materials (PVC, PF) and steel max. 400 N/mm2 / 25 long tons/

  • Simultaneous cutting and wire-end flattening or

  • Simultaneous cutting and 90°angle forming of wire ends of electronic components

  • Pressing of cable joints

  • Mounting of CLIC clamps, Hose clamps, COBRA clamps or spring clamps


  • Easy handling

  • High power

  • Long lifespan

Plier inserts for cutting are available in two designs:

  1. Standard execution for cutting. One insert side has an edge for cutting, the other insert side is designed as a counter-holder. This eliminates a possible crossing of the inserts and this extensive wear of the insert joint. When cutting soft, flowing materials, an overlapping of the inserts results in uneven cuts or nicks.

  2. Special execution for cutting plastic materials. Both insert sides are equipped with a cutting edge.

Pliers for sealing and stamping seals

DEPRAG CZ a.s. offers air pliers for sealing and stamping seals. For more information contact please our product specialists.