Air Grinders

DEPRAG´s comprehensive program includes die grinders with collets in power ranges from 90 Watt to 1 200 Watt at idle speeds of 11 000 to 100 000 rpm. These grinders are available in straight or angle design. Furthermore, there are radial grinders with power ranges of 1 200 Watt to 2 400 Watt at speeds of 4 000 to 17 100 rpm. Additionally, DEPRAG offers high-powered angle grinders in power ranges 500 Watt to 4 500 Watt for grinding disk diameters of 100 mm to 230 mm available from the manufacturer. Angle grinders are available with direct drive or angle gears. Belt grinders are available at 300 Watt and speed 30 000 rpm and 500 Watt at speed 16 000 rpm. For stationary use the company has a wide variety of air grinders available.

With Collets

Straight grinders


Belt Sanders

The Use of the DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL Tools:

Pneumatic air grinders produced by DEPRAG are required in areas, where it is necessary to use reliable and hight powerful tools to fabricate casted parts for precision operations during grinding and deburring of welding seams, the use of these small and light-weight grinders simplifies any fabricating job-welding seams, steel-, non-metallic materials of different kinds and rocks.

Top grinders DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are well suited in foundries, in automotive- and shoe industry, in container-construction, steel- construction, in machine-building, reinforced concrete construction building, but its well suited in small areas, where are processed metallic and non-metallic materials.


  • High power output at a low

  • weight in small development

  • Ergonomic

  • Highly durable

  • Efficiency

  • Reliability

  • Easy operating and simple maintenanc


Air grinders DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL are equipped by vane motor, which offers use high power output at a low weight at small development. In this time is very important improving of productivity and efficiency of pneumatic motors,from this reason we developed pneumatic turbine grinders.

Because of higher efficiency of our turbine motor, grinders have higher power in comparison with conventional tools. Pneumatic Turbine grinder are suitable for use in continued operations, because of maintanence-free operation and no wear parts to replace. Turbine motor uses expansion of compressed air with high efficiency. Therefore air consumption falls at turbine grinders-in comparison with grinders with vane motor, which have same power. Another advantage of turbine grinders is operating without lubrication compressed air.

Not only because of turbine technology, but also because of many careful details,

is industrial tools under DEPRAG INDUSTRIAL brand unmatched.