MINIMAT-EC Screwdriver

The flexible EC screwdriver for the highest demands

flexible, documentation capable, highly precise, ESD-capable versions available

The flexible MINIMAT-EC screwdriver for the highest demands allow the free programming of the screw-tightening process. Within the performance range of each screwdriver, the torque, speed, stand-by-time and rotational direction can be individually customized to the screw assembly task. Handheld EC screwdrivers feature a high accuracy and comprehensive monitoring functions, which are a prerequisite for a high measure of processing reliability

The EC screwdriver spindle with brushless drive technology combined with the AST series screwdriver controller offers maximum flexiblity and process control. This screwdriver provides outstanding dynamics and high peak torques – ideal for the tightening of screws. The integrated torque and angle measurement system enables precise control of the screw assembly process and guarantees the highest accuracy and reliable documentation of important process parameters.

To operate the handheld screwdriver, a sequence controller AST11 with integrated power supply is used. The sequence controller contains standard screwdriving programs for the tightening of fasteners to torque and the loosening of fasteners to angle. Their parameters can be adjusted to the screwdriving task – directly on the keypad of the controller.

  • Design execution: Straight

Torque range: 0.01 - 25 Nm

  • Design execution: Pistolgrip

Torque range: 0.06 - 18 Nm

  • Design execution: Angle-head form

Torque range: 0.4 - 25 Nm