MINIMAT-EC-Servo Screwdriver

Maximum flexibility and process reliability

flexible, documentation capable, highly precise, sensor controlled

The handheld MINIMAT-EC-Servo screwdriver in connection with the sequence controller AST30-31 enables free programming of the screw-tightening process and offer maximal flexibility und process reliability. Within the performance range of each screwdriver, the torque, speed, stand-by and rotational direction can be individually customized to the screw assembly task.

The integrated transducer for torque and angle permits the exact control and regulation of the screw tightening process as well as the documentation of important process parameters and guarantees the highest precision. An EC-Servo screwdriver is used in applications with high safety requirements (critical screw joints), where a direct measuring system is specified.

MINIMAT-EC-Servo screwdriver incorporates a reliable and low maintenance brushless EC-motor. This screwdriver provides outstanding dynamics and high peak torques – ideal for the tightening of screws.

To operate the screwdriver, the sequence controller AST30-31 or the sequence controller AST40 with integrated power supply is used. The sequence controller already contains finished base-programs for common tightening processes, so that the start-up requires only a couple of steps.

Comprehensive software add-on modules allow the data acquisition and graphical display for statistical processing and screw-joint analysis.

A position-dependent program selection, monitoring of the screw-succession and additional functions to the increase of the process reliability, are possible when using these screwdrivers in connection with a positioning stand.

Design execution: Straight

Torque range: 0.1 Nm - 2 Nm

Design execution: Straight

Torque range: 0.2 - 500 Nm

Design execution: angle-head form

Torque range: 7 - 120 Nm